Real Estate Technologies

A truly connected experience through purpose built solutions adding operational efficiencies for your organization

Real Estate Technologies includes the following solutions:

With organizational software integration, KODE Labs uses open API’s to integrate existing and new software applications. Additionally, as an Owner’s representative we vet and recommend best in class solutions. Employing a team of software developers allows KODE Labs to self-perform API integrations as well as build on top of off the shelf platforms. Examples of organizational software include: work order systems (CMMS), building information modeling (BIM), geographic information systems (GIS), accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Facility management system software integration is completed at a building level. Utilizing open protocol communications and network centric devices, KODE Labs brings all types of physical facility management systems into a single user interface. By doing so, an Owner operates their facility or portfolio with one platform versus a typical installation using multiple clients. Examples of facility management system software include: building automation (BAS), digital lighting and smart meters.

When integrating organizational software applications with facility management system software applications, the benefit is vast for every member of an organization. The cross-pollination of data amongst platforms removes the siloed approach to everyday tasks and enables end users to view all pertinent information in one location. Custom process and workflow applications are built to automate any client specific use cases not captured by organizational or facility software integrations. Examples of custom process and workflow applications include: staff management, tenant management, marketing and forms management.